A New Homeowners Association Investment Approach

Registered Investment Advisor

HomeRun Financial™ LLC is an Investment Adviser registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and a wholly owned subsidiary of HomeRun IQ, Inc.

A New Homeowners Association Investment Approach

HomeRun Financial™ is specifically dedicated to the real estate market to bring modern portfolio theory and prudent investor principles to guide long-term asset management strategies to the unique lifetime needs of real estate properties.

Supported by the HomeRun IQ technology platform providing a more complete assessment of a property’s situation, HomeRun Financial’s approach enables a customized long-term financial approach to be fully developed and implemented, if desired.

Powered by both a better understanding of physical property needs and economic realities, properties can determine what plan could best position them to meet their goals.

Unique property goals based on capital preservation and appreciation

  • Economic Conditions
  • Inflation Effects
  • Tax Consequences
  • HOA Portfolio Driven Investments
  • Potential Total Return
  • Liquidity and Income Requirements

Long-Term Capital Investment


HomeRun Financial™ provides the opportunity to put long-term assets to work. Vanguard Institutional Investment Services is a longstanding Global Investment Firm managing more than $5 trillion in capital investments worldwide.

A winning combination

  • Vanguard® and HomeRun Financial™ provide a new investment approach tailored for HOA needs
  • Customized portfolios created to meet each homeowners association’s needs and goals
  • Targeted and risk considered asset approach to meet long-term obligations
  • Funds are held by a qualified custodian
  • Low cost investment solutions
  • Allocation and diversification of funds aimed to optimize fiscal obligations
  • Multi-layered investment strategy attempts to reduce risk to better meet property requirements