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HomeRun IQ offers a complete solution for managing an associations financial health

Digital CFO Options

Reserve Specialists


Deliver a Property Conditions Assessment with a Reserves Study using a streamlined process saving time and money.


  • Digital Reserve Study
  • Broader Component Analysis
  • Advanced Financial Budgeting
  • Multiple Contribution Plans
  • Built In State Specific Compliance

Board Members & Community Managers


Track the progress of your financial plan today. Then proactively analyze and update your plan as you go.


  • Cash Flow Monitoring
  • Cost Tracking Over Time
  • Advanced Scenario Forecasting
  • Owner Tax Benefit Tracking
  • Compliance Monitoring

What you get with all HomeRun IQ products

Higher Standards • More Capabilities

Get homeownership benefits

Accounting Standards:

  • Independent AICPA Assurance Evaluation
  • Compliant with FASB ‘Future Major Repairs & Replacements’
  • Analysis & Method Verification 
  • Key Disclosures & Information 
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Included Capabilities:

  • Market Data Powered Analysis
  • Unlimited Secure Storage
  • Financial-Grade Online Security
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Living History and Archive