A Smarter Way for Your HOA

HomeRun IQ is powered by Artificial Intelligence and proven financial practices. We create detailed asset management plans for your property, minimize your dues, eliminate surprises, and take every reserves dollar further.

Foundation Product Features

Financial Forecasting

Have confidence with a more accurate picture of your long-term obligations and develop a solid plan to move forward.

Asset Management

Proactively fortify your property value by executing on your plan and tracking every improvement to stretch every dollar further.

Compliance & Governance

Create a plan that meets fiduciary and regulatory obligations and simplifies communication through built-in ownership visibility.

Sophisticated Accounting

Uncover potential tax breaks for each owner with our cost basis accounting module and always know what monies your HOA has.


Generate a tailored plan based on your property’s unique situation and goals that is automatically updated as the economy and markets change.

System of Record

Rest assured knowing that your plans, financials, investments, and key decisions are easily accessible today, and for future board members.

Market Investment Product Features

Coming Soon..

Right now, your reserves are probably sitting in a checking account losing money to inflation every year. Through our subsidiary HomeRun Financial, an SEC-Registered Investment Advisor, we will offer ways to make your reserve funds work for you.