Real estate is one of our biggest investments, so why aren’t we protecting its long-term value?

This question led us to create HomeRun IQ and revolutionize HOA capital management. With extensive finance, technology, and real estate experience we provide intelligent safeguards and controls for your property assets.


Marc Tamres

    Marc Tamres

    Founder + CEO

    HOA Board President

    Marc is a seasoned Silicon Valley executive delivering innovative solutions in complex markets for more than 20 years across industry-leading companies. As a condo homeowner and HOA board president, he wants communities to treat and value their properties as assets. Marc holds an MBA from the MIT Sloan School, MS in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan.

    • Product
    • Strategy
    • Go-To-Market
    • Microsoft
    • Tellme
    • Ford
    • Sun
    Ron Peters

      Ron Peters

      Co-Founder + CTO

      HOA Homeowner

      Ron brings over 25 years of software development expertise from companies such as Apple and American Express and creates industry-leading products. He develops complex systems with global reach coalescing various aspects of computer science, such as AI and computer imaging. An MIT alumnus, Ron thrives in the fast pace of startups and applies emerging technologies at enterprise scale to create industry-defining solutions.

      • Consumer Products
      • Enterprise Services
      • American Express
      • Apple
      • Avid
      Michael Arulgnanendran

        Mike Arulgnanendran

        Director Financial & Client Services

        Mike’s deep investment banking experience focused on insurance companies and pension funds while marketing financial products tailored to retirement investing and hedging. His financial knowledge includes asset allocation and liability-driven investment. Dedicated to helping customers, Mike is the first point of contact for customer inquiries. Mike holds a BS in Engineering and an MBA from Cornell.

        • Financial Products
        • Strategic Partnerships
        • Morgan Stanley
        • Citigroup
        • Genentech

        Empowering people to get the most out of property investments to improve individual, community, and financial value.

        Marc Tamres | HomeRun IQ CEO

        Natalie Wolfsen

          Natalie Wolfsen

          Asset Management Advisor

          HOA Homeowner

          Natalie is AssetMark’s EVP of their strategy and solutions group. Previously she led marketing for First Eagle Investment Management and product management for Pershing. She spent several years at Charles Schwab in product, marketing and strategy roles. Natalie has been featured in FundFire, ThinkAdvisor, FA Magazine, Financial Advisor IQ and Benzinga. She holds an MBA from UCLA’s Anderson School of Management and a BA from the University of California, Berkeley.

          • Asset Management
          • Go-To-Market
          • Charles Schwab
          • Pershing-BNY Mellon
          • Assetmark
          • First Eagle
          Patrick Gannon

            Patrick Gannon

            Fintech Investor + Advisor

            HOA Homeowner

            Patrick is an expert in financial technology and services. He has spent more than 20 years developing technology products in the finance industry with companies such as Wells Fargo and J.P. Morgan and was one of the early employees of Lending Club. Patrick has also served as an advisor for several start-ups. He holds an MBA in Finance and Strategy from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and a BS in Mathematics with Computer Science from MIT.

            • Fintech + Technology Investments
            • Goldman Sachs
            • Visa
            • J.P. Morgan
            • Wells Fargo
            • Lending Club
            • Uplift
            David Davick

              David Davick

              Finance + Accounting Advisor

              HOA Homeowner

              David is a seasoned finance executive focused on transforming the finances and establishing more sophisticated financial planning and analysis practices for early-stage businesses. His 20 years of experience span Corporate Finance, Investor Relations, Investment Banking and Public Accounting. As a CFO with Propeller Industries, Dave leads client teams across several industries, including technology, consumer products, e-commerce, education, and healthcare.

              • CFO
              • Financial Modeling
              • Estate Finance
              • Price Waterhouse Coopers
              • J.P. Morgan
              • Propeller Industries
              • The Gap

              Human Intelligence + Advanced Technology + Proven Strategies
              = Smart Reserves Funding

              Ron Peters | HomeRun IQ CTO

              Mike Terrizzi

                Mike Terrizzi

                HOA Legal Expert Advisor

                HOA Homeowner

                Mike has over 35 years of community association legal experience and represented hundreds of HOAs. He has won precedent-setting cases that established critical law regarding the rights of homeowners associations and their members. He was previously president of the San Francisco Bay Area Central Chapter of the Community Association Institute (“CAI”) and board of directors of this nationwide advocacy group. Mike is recognized in the field for lecturing and writing extensively for this industry.

                • Real Estate Statutes
                • Regulations
                • Partner
                • Plastiras
                • Terrizzi
                Peter Kuykendall

                  Peter Kuykendall

                  Sales + Marketing Advisor

                  Multi-Family Homeowner

                  Peter has more than a decade of experience in corporate and residential real estate, finance and operations. He is an analytical and strategic product leader with deep software engineering experience and an MBA from MIT in technology-based product development. Peter has extensive experience planning, positioning, and delivering a wide range of services and excels in driving the go-to-market pipeline to recognize market needs, position products to address those needs, communicate the benefits, and optimize market channels.

                  • Mortgage Products
                  • Commercial Real Estate
                  • Cushman & Wakefield
                  • Cresa
                  James Colgan

                    James Colgan

                    Product Advisor


                    James is a product management expert and leader with successful offerings in mobile, cloud, SaaS, and embedded spaces for the past 15+ years. James led the growth of Microsoft Outlook Mobile users from less than 1 million to 54 million mobile active users. This product was acknowledged in the media as the best email, calendar app on iOS and Android. Through his deep focus on developing customer empathy, he has a proven track record for rapidly building scalable, high-value products, and business growth.

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                    • Marketing
                    • Microsoft
                    • Skydeck
                    • Rackspace