HomeRun IQ is simpler across the board

HomeRun IQ works with Homeowners, Board Members, Community Managers and Reserve Specialists to effectively manage HOA reserves.

Help your HOA

Protect Your Property

Enhance and preserve your property’s value by treating both your property and reserves as a long-term asset.

Protect Yourself

Meet fiduciary and compliance obligations to put forth a prudent plan to meet your HOA’s long-term needs and goals.

Get The Most Out Of Your Dues

Avoid funds sitting idle and not being put to work. Dues contributions are not popular, but worse are big special assessments.

Make your job easier

Expertly Understand What To Do

Make smart decisions and have the confidence to take informed actions based on your property’s specific needs and goals.

Save Time For Other Things

Put your efforts towards other priorities with the peace of mind that critical obligations are being addressed.

Get Thanked For A Change

Be appreciated for addressing one of the most challenging issues, and greatest needs, that most HOAs face.

Help your clients

Help Offer Valuable Savings

Work with clients to enable the flexibility to free funds for other projects and operational activities, or lower dues.

Aim To Improve Property Values

Enable your clients to treat reserves as a tool to improve property value rather than an expense that needs to be reduced.

Minimize Surprises

Get ahead of special assessments and foreseeable problems with a system designed to better anticipate them and generate options.

Make your job easier

Quickly Put Reserves To Work

Handle client reserves needs and records in one centralized location to stay ahead of client requests.

Focus On Your Expert Strengths

Address client reserves and related complexities more easily allowing you to put your efforts towards other priorities.

Proactive Updates + Notifications

Stay up-to-date and put your resources to work where they are needed and receive notifications when key items need to be addressed.

Help your clients

Reserve Studies with ROI Built In

Allow properties to get the full benefit of your studies and put forward a stronger financial plan to meet their goal.

Quickly Understand Any Changes

Support an ongoing relationship with clients by knowing what has changed for easy component information updates.

Easy Collaboration

Facilitate open communication, interaction and understanding with board members, owners and other professionals through a shared interface.

Make your job easier

Works With Any Approach

Works with any reserve model including component, cash, threshold or baseline and easily translates between each model as needed.

Streamlined, Standardized Process

Conduct analysis simply and efficiently that supports a uniform application of reserves standards and approaches.

Improvements and Insights

Share and learn best practices to help unify approaches to improve the overall impact and benefits of reserve studies.