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Seamlessly deliver Reserve Studies, Structural Integrity Reserve Studies, Milestone Inspections, Property Condition Assessments and more.
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HomeRun IQ Study is the first software tool built specifically for engineers and reserve specialists, optimizing the property study process with an intuitive workflow to produce customizable, compliant reports.
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Advanced Component & Financial Modeling Capabilities
Our modeling tools are specifically designed to support detailed component and cost estimations and funding strategies, essential for the long-term maintenance and sustainability of infrastructure and properties. Compare and analyze multiple funding plans with ease, ensuring your projects are financially viable and compliant with industry standards.
Comprehensive & Easily Accessible Live Reports
Generate detailed, custom-branded property reports that can be accessed anytime, anywhere by property managers and board members. Suitable for technical studies, stakeholder presentations, and disclosure documentation, our intuitive software simplifies the report production process, putting the focus on strategic analysis and decision-making.
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Optimized Workflow Management for Teams
Manage your projects with real-time updates and collaborative tools designed for the unique workflows for property studies. Keep project ownership and status transparent, facilitating seamless communication and efficiency across your organization. Maintain an archive of all previous studies for every property accessible by both your team and clients to provide historical context and ensure continuity.
Effortless Compliance in Every Study
Ensure your property evaluations meet all financial regulatory standards without extra effort. Study integrates compliance into every step of your reporting process, making it easy to adhere to financial and reporting disclosure laws. This means less time worrying about compliance and more time delivering high-quality, dependable studies.
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