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View of funding plan modeling


Model complex funding plans with ease
Create and compare up to 4 funding plans for a single reserve study
Model a smooth or stair step contributions schedule in seconds
Apply and show Component Method for any funding plan
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Do more in less time
Keep the current project owner and status up to date at any time
Show the impact of component & funding plan changes in real time
Create, update and share new drafts instantly
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View of the analyses list
View of report in study


Custom-branded report templates
Share an elegant branded online version in addition to the PDF
Use templates to produce reports faster, no formatting necessary
Produce multiple reports from the same data (coming soon!)
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Manage all reserve study data in one tool
Upload unlimited photos and documents to all studies
Access all studies from anywhere on any device
All drafts, photos and documents in one place for everyone
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View of documents for a study


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