Expert Financial Management for HOAs

Improve your HOA finances with HomeRun IQ, a unique online service built to manage your long-term reserve funds and increase the value of your property. Get the most out of what you pay into your HOA and reduce surprise special assessments.

Get the most out of every dollar you put into HOA reserves

Reserves pay for critical things, like replacing the roof or painting the building. But for many HOAs, that money sits idle for years without an accurate plan and with no immediate benefit.

Our advanced planning and tracking tools use Artificial Intelligence to develop an actionable long-term financial plan that is unique to your property, complete with tax benefits and interest-bearing growth options.

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Recent Special Assessments (per unit)

  • $145,000 San Rafael, California
  • $70,000 Chicago, Illinois
  • $33,000 Novato, California
  • $25,000 St. Petersburg, Florida
  • $20,000 Jacksonville, Florida
  • $16,500 Miami, Florida

Avoid dreaded special assessments

Unplanned special assessments happen when the HOA suddenly needs more money than it has in reserves to cover expenses. These bad surprises can put everyone in a difficult financial situation.

Our financial plan allows your HOA to get a handle on its true long-term needs and reduce or eliminate surprise special assessments.

Board members, your time is valuable

Time-strapped volunteer board members are legally and fiscally responsible for their HOA.

We’ve bundled compliance, funds management, and leadership transition into one integrated solution, saving you time and increasing transparency.

time is valuable

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