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Increase the financial intelligence of the real estate industry


HomeRun IQ grew out of a simple but powerful realization. Real estate is the world’s largest financial asset, yet it is often treated as static and unchanging.  
As a result, long-term needs are often missed and addressed too late. This failure decreases property value, adds massive costs, and increases risk.
At its core, this is a budgeting problem compounded by outdated technology. Adding more challenges to the reserve specialists, engineers, and inspectors we depend on.
HomeRun IQ has innovated long-term budgeting through a modernized, cloud-based platform. This empowers key professionals to help properties plan better and improve their financial intelligence.
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Our team has great industry and technology experience

Marc Tamres

Founder & CEO

Marc is a seasoned Silicon Valley executive delivering innovative solutions in complex markets for more than 20 years across industry-leading companies. In real estate, he is a member of CAI’s Think Tank and a number of task forces shaping policy, industry standards and best practices. Marc holds an MBA from the MIT Sloan School, MS in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan.

Ron Peters

Co-Founder & CTO

Ron brings over 25 years of software development expertise creating industry-leading products for companies such as Apple and American Express. He develops complex systems with global reach coalescing various aspects of computer science, such as AI and computer imaging. An MIT alumnus, Ron thrives in startups and applying emerging technologies at enterprise scale to create industry-defining solutions.

Zach Pritchard

Co-Founder & CPO

Zach brings a wealth of knowledge across real estate and technology. He has a unique background including both commercial real estate finance and financial risk management. Furthermore, Zach has strong product management experience in early stage technology focused companies. He specializes in the user research, product experience and rapid development. He holds a degree in management and business from Dickinson College.

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